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Our Financial Harvesting® Services & Products

Financial Harvesting® 

Decreasing Your Financial Risks
Increasing The Quality & Lowering the Cost
Of Your Financial Operations 

The burdens of a Financial Harvester(sm) are at the highest level of maturity and include such functions as assessing and mitigating your financial and tax risks and leading the entire community of financial & tax professionals.  We will also be your first & primary point of contact for any new financial decisions.  If you think you need a particular financial service, let us know and we will help you to determine the type of professional which best suits your need.  Contract with us and we will provide you with the following services:  

Consulting Services 

Along with additional consulting services listed on this website, we offer the following:

Educational Services 

We offer a variety of seminars, workshops & classes which provide the owners of businesses with the opportunity to take time off from their busy schedules to become students for a short period of time and learn the fundamentals of Financial Harvesting®.  Some of the topics covered include the following and other areas listed on our website:

Seminars are taught by Paul L. Schechter who has 20+ years of consulting and teaching experience.  He has been teaching seminars throughout his professional career.  Before he launched Financial Harvesters(sm) he taught courses for Ernst & Young, the California Society of Certified Public Accountant, Beverly Hills Adult education, as as well as some private classes. 

Financial Maps, Plans & Newsletters

We offer Financial Harvesting™ Maps, Project Management Templates™ and Financial Plans™, for both our @Home and @Work Life-Cycles.  In addition, we periodically publish a newsletter called Financial Harvesting News™ which provides readers with various news and other financial information.  Let us know if you are interested in any of our products by sending an email to pls@FinancialHarvesters.com.  

Online Services

We also offer online information services which include the transfer and dissemination of online financial information over the internet, intranets, web portals, bulletin boards,  blogs and email.  In addition, we offer online Project Management Services for our clients.


Each of our process life-cycles, Financial Harvesting@Home and Financial Harvesting@Work are available for licensing to qualified CPA Firms.  

Promotional Products

Also available are Financial Harvesting™ promotional items such as Caps, Shirts, Mugs, Pens, Signs, etc..

Unified into all our Financial Sustainability Services is our approach to Environmental Sustainability.  Therefore, when you contract with us you are also receiving these services. 


Has your CFO, CPA or Financial Planner discussed their approach to Financial Sustainability with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

Financial Harvesting®
"Your Quarterback For Financial Sustainability" 

Financial Harvesting®
221 Main Street, #547
Los Altos, California 94023