Financial Harvesting® Financial Crime Services

Here are some of the services we provide:

Financial Crime Prevention Services:

Rather than waiting for a crime to arise, it makes more sense to put a system in place to try to  prevent such crimes from occuring.  We can analyze your business or governmental unit and design a system that meets your organizations needs and budget.

Financial Crime Detection Services: 

Using financial forensic techniques, we investigate to see if a financial crime has been comitted.

Financial Damages:

We use various forensic accounting skills to provide an analysis of financial records.  In addition, we may look at spending patterns and tracing issues.  We may be invovled with the following types of work:

Damage Assessment-We can calculate the historical and future damages arising from any type of tort.  By applying an estimate of the earnings that were lost  evidence is gathered to determine net profits as well as recoverable costs using methods acceptable by the court.

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