Financial Harvesting® Turnaround Services

Is your business or governmental unit showing some of the symptoms and leading indicators of financial distress? Then don't wait for the situation to get so bad that you have to call in the bankruptcy lawyers.  Just pick up the phone and call the

Financial & Accounting Swat Team (F-A-S-T)

for a FREE consultation.  When hired, we will quickly get your financial operations under control so you can sleep better at night.  Here are some of the things we will do for you FAST.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Consulting:

If you have waited too long and are now forced to file for bankruptcy, our Bankruptcy Services provides financial services to companies, their creditors, their equity holders and the legal community, for both in-court and out-of- court proceedings.  We have the capability to provide the following services:

Has your CFO, CPA or Financial Planner discussed their approach to Financial Sustainability with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

Financial Harvesting®
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Financial Harvesting®
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