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In the new economy, business decisions have become more complex and business owners have come to rely more and more on outsourcing important parts of their business to a variety of financial service providers. The following questions and many more are constantly popping up:

1.  What are the tax & accounting issues I need to be aware of when I sign a contract or a license?
2.  What financial structure is best for my business from a financial and tax view?
3.  What financial statements do I need to have on a regular basis to run my business effectively?

Now that the cash is beginning to roll in, you have to ask yourself a critical question.  Who should I trust to guide me through the many financial and tax decisions that I have to make in the coming months and years? These questions and many more will require that you not just hire a part-time CFO, tax consultant or personal financial planner, but a seasoned financial AND tax consultant who has had experience with ALL of the financial & tax areas which impact your business. 

Thus the emergence of a new financial service professional which we call the Financial Harvester(sm).  The duties of the Financial Harvester(sm) are as follows:

Here is an example of three types of service providers who we "pass the ball" to:

Small Business 
By The 

Has your CFO, CPA or Financial Planner discussed their approach to Financial Sustainability with you?

Perhaps they don't have one.

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